Ho Chi Minh City’s River Pollution May Cause Water Shortage

Posted on: November 22, 2009

via VNAgency

Pollution threatens Vietnamese water supply


Excerpt:  ” HCM CITY — Millions of residents of HCM City could face a shortage of clean water in the next decade because of increasingly polluted raw water resources.

If the pollution continues to worsen at the current rate, within 10 years the city’s water plants would be unable to treat enough raw water from the rivers to meet public demand, said Truong Khac Hoanh, deputy general manager of the Thu Duc Water BOO Corp (TDW).

My take: Ho Chi Minh’s problem is exacerbated because there are multiple issues at stake

  • Lack of regulation enforcement
  • Disregard for public resources
  • Authorities lack the power to supervise irresponsible industrial complexes
  • High demand for an extremely limited resource
  • Limited  and slow expansion of water reserves

Vietnam is a rapidly industrializing country. At its rate of growth, some steps need to be taken in order to preserve resources necessary for the population’s health. The most important action to take would be regulation enforcement and supervision upon factories from Dong Nai and Binh Duong Provinces. These two areas are responsible for the massive industrial waste in HCM’s water supply. A simple pledge from these factories cannot suffice. Inspections should proceed to pinpoint the sources of this industrial pollution. This will help stop the current flow of waste and also keep other factories from routing their waste into the water supply as well. Afterwards, the other issues I have listed can be addressed. Leave your take on the situation in HCM–


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